The Island of Anguilla, which also comprises the island of Sombrero and a number of smaller Islands and cays, is small and secluded; ideal if you want to get away from it all. The main resorts are based around the hotels, many of which are situated off the Islands' white coral beaches which are regarded as among the most beautiful in the world. The Islands, the northernmost of the Leeward Islands, are mainly flat - the highest point, Crocus Hill, is only 60m (213ft) above sea level. The name Anguilla, meaning 'eel' in Spanish, was given to the Island by the Spaniards, because of the Island's eel-like shape.

The Anguilla community is peaceful and joyous. The inhabitants of Anguilla live on another time frame where relaxation is a true way of living. They welcome the visitors with their smile and this special 'joie de vivre'.  You will discover this small paradise with a quiet rhythm of life.

Most excursions will be a leisurely exploration of idyllic beaches.There are over 30 beaches on Anguilla, some of which stretch for miles, dotted with hidden coves and grotto-like rock areas. Some of the best beaches are Rendezvous, Shoal Bay, Road Bay, Maundays Bay, Cove Bay, Meads Bay and Crocus Bay. Visitors who enjoy solitude and privacy should charter a boat to Sandy Island, or Sombrero Island, 48km northwest of Anguilla. The even smaller sandy cays of Scrub, Dog and Prickly Pear Islands are within reach of Anguilla by power boat.
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