Pause to marvel at the Last Supper, and spend some time at the Pinacoteca di Brera or the Museum of Natural History, then get carried away by Sforza Castle's landscapes and world-famous opera singers at La Scala - this is the stuff of artists and scholars, scientists and musicians.

Here, creativity lives on, evolves and is ever renewed.

Scores of venues host live music performances, contemporary theatre, and cinema.

Milan is a city that should be experienced at every hour of the day. From dawn to dusk, there is always something to do! Off you go in the morning, as soon as you wake up, to enjoy a foamy, cocoa-topped cappuccino at an historic bar; then take a stroll through the innumerable shops in the city center, alternating with reputed art galleries displaying their innovative creations by both established and emerging artists.  

Milan's small cafés offer quick menus to suit all tastes, from the more refined bistros in the Vittorio Emanuele Gallery, to the trendy Bar Bianco in Parco Sempione.

After lunch, use the afternoon to attend an exhibition at the Triennale or at Palazzo Reale.

The evening should be dedicated to aperitivo, a Milanese rite. Expect to be spoilt for choice with regards to location and style: the trendy, alternative, visionary and creative, or professional sets all have their favorite locales.

Operas at La Scala, theatre at the Arcimboldi, and a range of other performances and entertainment forms light up the Milanese night.

Finally, night owls will appreciate Mediolanum's thousands of clubs and bars to while away those wee small hours.

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