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How can I purchase a World Select Holidays Gift Card?

The World Select Holidays gift card is only available on our web
Go to the site and follow these simple instructions -
Clique on the link in the gift card menu panel or on the right side of our website.
Choose the amount of your gift card, enter the recipient?s name and add a personal message if you wish.
Fill in your details and information.
The World Select Holidays Gift Card Services will contact you within 24 hrs.
You will receive your gift card and invoice by e-mail. You then have the choice of printing off your card, or we will forward it in the post.

How long is my World Select Holidays Gift Card valid?

Your gift card is valid for one year from the date of purchase.
The time frame relates only to the date on which you book your stay, and not the date of departure.
E.g. If your card expires on the 31/12/2015 you must book prior to this date but your holiday departure can be held over until a later date.

Can I use my gift card on any site offer?


Should I use one gift card per booking?

No - You can use one or more as you so wish.

How do I use my gift card?

Choose your Holiday
At the pre-reservation stage, clique on the link, Do You Have A Gift Card.
Reply Yes
Enter the code on your gift card and validate your details.

Can I use this gift card on other sites?

No This gift card is valid only for reserving and paying a holiday on our website.

Can I use my gift card to book direct?

No This card is valid only for purchasing from our web site.

Should my gift card be the same value as my holiday?

No If there is an excess this payment can be settled by other means

What happens if my holiday is less than the value on my gift card?

If the amount is less then the remaining balance will be credited back to your World Select Holidays account. Next time you wish to reserve a holiday with us, this credit can be used.
The expiry date of the credit remains the same as the original Gift Card.

Can I use part of the amount of the gift card?

No The Total Value of your card must be used at once. But when the total cost of your holiday is less the remaining balance will be credited back to your World Select Holidays account.

Can I exchange the Gift Card for cash?

No your card has no monetary value. It cannot be exchange or refunded.
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