Spain's history speaks through its buildings and culture, taking us back to the ages of the Romans, the Arabs and the Golden Century in a riot of colour and a sense of drama manifesting itself never stronger than in the paintings of El Greco, Goya and Picasso, the vital flamboyancy of flamenco and the contained violence of corridas.

Cordoba's Mezquita, Granada's Alhambra and jasmine-scented Sevilla in Andalucia are pregnant with Arab and Moorish influences. Hundreds of miles of sunny Mediterranean coastline, whitewashed fincas nestling amid bougainvillea and fig trees, overlooking rocky coves and the sparkling Mediterranean in the Balearics, provide ample opportunity to get off the beaten track.

The country's vibrant cities, Madrid, Barcelona or Valence on the Mediterrannée with his beautiful architecture.

Your perfect moment might come eating tapas on a beach on the Costa Brava, marveling at Gaudi's fantasy in Barcelona, or meandering through a sunny market in Madrid.

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