With World Select Holidays, every reservation includes the services of a personal Concierge.

Your concierge is committed to providing you with every last desired detail of your getaway

World Select Holidays, we are thoroughly dedicated to your needs during your stay and we are available to help you in any of your requirements, for a careful holiday.

World Select Holidays. Our partners will be able to deal with your requests assuring you of complete satisfaction.

World Select Holidays offers you luxury service in the following, de luxe transport (car, jet, yacht) full security, gastronomic  food, carefree lifestyle, including any special events.

As you are very special to us, World Select Holidays will give an attentive welcome and guarantee personal service.

World Select Holidays, will permit you to have a super and tranquil holiday.

Luxury car

A sedan, four wheel drive, a racing car, a classis vehicle? For any special occasion or desire, we can provide you with the ideal vehicle to suit your needs.

Whatever model you choose, this can be delivered to any choice of address, be it your private villa, or any location which you may deem suitable.

Private Chauffeur

A driver will be waiting for you on an arranged date to take you to your private location.

World Select Holidays will arrange all transfers according to your needs.


Consider a different viewpoint of travel by sea? Maximize your levels of luxury by investing in time and rich surroundings.

Are you a couple looking for a unique destination to get married and organize a once-in-a-lifetime occasion? Do you want to have a fantastic time with family and friends, ensuring that every need and want is addressed. Then we have the ideal yacht for you which could be an optimal solution.

World Select Holidays has an array of yachts and sailing boats to satisfy your demands. We can also provide an excellently trained and professionally licensed crew to dedicate their time in providing all that is required.


Would you like to give yourself the luxury of privacy?

Then the hiring of helicopter can be the ideal means of transport which through combined speed and discretion will reach any destination, even those which are remote or isolated.

Comfort, efficiency and a personalized service can be guaranteed via the combination of scheduled flights and chartered private aircrafts.

Private Jet

World Select Holidays offers you exclusive rentals of private jets in order to visit your desired location hassle-free and in the minimum time possible. The Agency can also charter planes of your choice to any airport, even in conjunction with other connecting flights to any region possible, even in remote locations.

The client is ensured of an efficient direct easy access to multiple destinations, thus minimizing risks and additional costs related to travel.


Who has not dreamt of a chef in the kitchen? Our chef presents you with the opportunity to entertain at holidays home in the same manner as if you were in a renowned restaurant. The chef can prepare you a gastronomic feast from the comfort of your kitchen with ingredients which have been carefully and purposely selected for the occasion.

Through high quality cuisine, you can discover or share with your guests this special experience.


World Select Holidays give you a special attention at your safety and consequently our company can guarantee you a safe journey by security service?


Relaxation, comfort and customer satisfaction are the hallmarks of the philosophy of World Select Holidays. In this spirit, a careful selection of our best service providers specializing in thalassotherapy, spa and wellness professionals will be pleased to welcome you to unusual conditions or come to you because the exclusivity and requirement are an integral part of our values.


World Select Holidays have privileged access to tickets for most sporting events in the World.

Sport Events : Motorsport, Football, Tennis, Rugby, Hippism, etc...

Culture Events : Cannes Festival, Concerts, Carnaval de Venise, Opéras, Art of living, etc...

Special Supplies on request

Send us a list of your preferences, food, drink and everything will be ready on your arrival. We are also able to prepare you a luxury picnic, lunch or dinner.

Excursion and Activity

To enjoy your stay we have various, exotic excursions organized by our local partners. Whatever you choose : a cruise on a magic boat, a tourist vineyard route including tasting, we are able to offer exceptional luxury holiday.

Special Celebrations

Do you have something special to celebrate?. Our partners are experts to help you in coordinating all sorts of events: birthday, family reunion etc...
If  you have a unique idea please share it with us.
We would recommend booking well in advance if it is a wedding or other large celebration.

*Select services not available in every location.
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